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Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

4 Qul 4 Piece Set - Sunset Design - Contemporary White Framed Islamic Wall Art



Product Description

The summer sunset overlooking a lake with a forrest bank makes this design unique and one of a kind. The edging effect gives the perception of being drawn into the landscape. With the combination of the 4 Qul and the design, this art work will surely inspire anyone that comes across it.

Print - Giclee printed (fine art) using the latest UV HDR inks
Paper - 260gsm fine art matt paper
Mount - 50mm white window mount
Frame - Contemporary white frame
Single Frame Dimension - 45cm x 45cm      
Glazing - Glazed with 2mm clear glass
Hanging - Complete with brass fittings ready to hang                                                        
Also available in a black frame4 Qul 4 Piece Set - Sunset Design - Contemporary Black Framed Islamic Wall Arte following frame